RaidBox is offering an accessible point for all gamers, streamers, editors and enthusiast to purchase their dream machine. We offer expertise, passion and enthusiasm for each build. All new builds are updated and tested to be 110% RaidReady before shipping to make sure you have zero down time with your new RaidBox. This highlights the attention to detail and craftsmanship ensuring you are getting the best.

Attention to detail starts from the core - no expense is spared when we go to battle. RaidBox only uses the highest-grade thermal paste to ensure maximum CPU performance and reliability.

​The Heart and Soul of each build ensures you maximum lifespan, we nitpick each part to futureproof your RaidBox. Even though your gear will be the ultimate balance from the get-go, your motherboard and power supply provided will look after you for any future upgrades. All Ram have already been optimized within the BIOS to provide its optimal frequency and all builds receive a NVMe M.2 SSD Drive. For us to provide our Raiders the best, we have done numerous stress tests and benchmarking on various component combinations. 

Out of the arena of components available, we found that the10th Gen Intel CPU's and AMD Ryzen CPU’s paired with NVIDIA GPU’s on the latest series of motherboards makes for the ultimate RaidBox experience. To maintain these high standards, we have tailored all our expertise, knowledge, testing and components with our unique 20-point check system into 4 perfectly balanced combinations. ​


At RaidBox we live and breath our brand, and our quality assurance will give you a product proud to be part of!

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